About Us

Active Membranes is at the forefront of technology innovation aimed at making fresh water less costly and more accessible as our planet grapples with the impact of climate change on the world’s water supply.

Our membranes use our patented technology that incorporates a tunable electrical potential unto a spiral wound desalination membrane module to make it actively resistant to scaling and fouling.

This active (versus passive) role significantly reduces the need for membrane pre-treatment, increases fresh water recovery, and thus considerably lowers the capital and operating cost and footprint of desalination process. Not only can our membranes be used in large scale desalination projects and in commercial plants – they can also be used in point-of-use/point-of-entry systems in the household or office to produce clean potable water.

Our breakthrough technology advancements have been recognized by water industry leaders through grants, awards, and support by leading investors, accelerators, and industry partners including among others:
Natural Ventures
California Nanosystems Institute’s Magnify accelerator program
US Bureau of Reclamation
National Alliance for Water Innovation
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Saline Water Conversion Corporation
US Bureau of Reclamation

Our Team

Dr. Arian Edalat
Co-Founder & CEO

Ph.D. Chemical Engineer –
Award winning water-tech entrepreneur

Dr. Eric Hoek
Co-Founder & Inventor

UCLA Professor – Globally renowned award winning water-tech academic and serial entrepreneur

Prof. David Jassby
Co-Founder & Inventor

UCLA Professor – Electrical membrane development pioneer

Rick Wolfen
Co-Founder, Advisor, & Investor

Seasoned businessman and investor

Dr. Subir Bhattacharjee

Globally recognized water technologist and entrepreneur

Parson Vazan

Experienced CPA & business administrator


Dr. Derrick Dlamini
Senior Membrane Scientist

Ph.D. Membrane Chemistry (Johannesburg, RSA) – Experienced in membrane development

David Baarck
Membrane Test Engineer

M.Sc. Mechanical Design Engineer (Stevens Engineering School, NJ)

Gio Hester
Applications Engineer

M.Sc. Environmental Engineering (UCLA) with experience in membrane development and testing

Shwan Mazhar
Membrane Specialist

Extensive automotive and mechanics background

Active Membranes Timeline